How to share Live Photos on Instagram — meet Beeone

In iOS 9.1, Apple introduced the Live Photo. Ever since then, we have loved this feature and have been taking hundreds or even thousands of Live Photos. It is a regular photo but also captures some short period of sounds, motions, and moods. In short, the Live Photo is a photo containing a short video. However, it’s not comfortable sharing this Live Photo video to Instagram. Instagram requires a video to have at least three seconds in length, while the Live Photo produced videos are only 1.5 seconds long. Sharing a Live Photo video on Instagram would be fun. However, if you upload a Live Photo on Instagram, of course, it won’t animate.

So, how to share Live Photos on Instagram? There are a few solutions.

1. Use Boomerang.

If you take a Live Photo and want to share it, you can use Instagram’s official app, Boomerang.

However, there is a restriction. You can only upload the Live Photo as an Instagram Story, not in the feed. So you need to save the uploaded video again if you want to share it on the feed. Note that you also need to press the photo for a couple of seconds (long-press), to make it activate the video.

How to share a Live Photo video on Instagram - use Boomerang

2. Use a video capture feature on iPhone.

You can play a video in the gallery and capture the screen to a video file using the default screen capture feature of the iPhone.

How to share a Live Photo video on Instagram - capture screen

It’s not there by default. You need to customize your control center first. You can customize it in Settings/Control Center/Customize Controls. Add “Screen Recording” there.

3. Use Beeone.

Developer: PixelStory
Price: Free+
  • Beeone Screenshot
  • Beeone Screenshot
  • Beeone Screenshot

With Beeone, you can immediately share the video part of a Live Photo on Instagram. It will automatically make the video cover at least three seconds, which is the Instagram requirement. It’s in the beta phase and will be available very soon, within a few weeks. This app is already quite stable, due to building off past experience from another video collage app. There are some other features under active development such as fine-tuning the video playing style.

We all love Live Photos. I hope that many people can upload their amazing Live Photos to Instagram. Beeone is the easiest way to share Live Photos on Instagram.

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