Outsourcing – Developing 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS – Stinger, Kia Motors

Outsource 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS
Developing 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS — Experience Stinger in even more interactive ways

As the WebGL version was such a success, we were able to contract this extended project. Back then, Kia Motors had decided to outsource 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS. While developing 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS, on top of the WebGL version, we had added some interesting features like real 3d Interior visualization and car USP 3d visualization. The original version used the equirectangular image to show the interior of the car. However, we tried to show the inside of the car in 3D. Users can get in the car and also navigate on the map while looking at the car from different angles. They can also take a screenshot and instantly share them on social media.

Later it is ported to iOS. Due to the limited memory capacity of iPhone6 devices, we needed to restructure the contents to make sure it works within the memory budget. Again, we were able to deliver the quality product on time.

So, what were the critical factors when delivering a product like this, from the client’s perspective?

– Finding the proper tools and tech stacks to meet the requirement. As this project was partially related to the Web version of the stinger project, we leveraged a particular part of the previous project, even though two platforms differed.

– Visual quality — we needed to understand how to maximize the visual quality in the target hardware ranges

– Meets the performance requirements on the minimum hardware

– Iterate small while delivering builds as often as possible


This project was fun and we did our best. We absolutely loved the result.


What: Developing 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS — 3D car configurator & simulator for Mobile devices

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kia.ck2017&hl=en

Platform: Android/iOS

Roles: All programming part

Partners: JNS, D3


Outsource 3D Car Configurator for Android/iOS

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