Developing 3D Car Configurator in WebGL – Stinger, Kia Motors

Outsourcing 3D Car Configurator for WebGL
Developing 3D Car Configurator in WebGL — Beautiful 3D Visualization in modern web browsers

This project was one of the most important ones for Kia Motors and us in 2017. While developing 3D Car Configurator in WebGL, on top of the beautiful custom car shader and engine provided MSAA, we applied customized up-scaling AA to meet the client’s needs. It was possible because our development skill covered from 3D and Web stuff. Sometimes, we needed to cross the boundary set by the 3D engine. It was critical making this whole configurator as beautiful as possible. Making it work on major mobile browsers that clients requested was another challenge. The engine generated code didn’t work on some browsers, so we had to figure out. It wasn’t easy, but we were able to do it on time. This project was a success and the client was so happy with the result. This leads to another project with more features.

What: Developing 3D Car Configurator in WebGL — 3D car configurator for PC/Mobile web browsers


Platform: WebGL

Roles: All programming part

Partners: JNS, D3

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