Creating An Editor Extension for Unity – Material Menu, Pixel Lab

Creating An Editor Extension for Unity
Creating An Editor Extension for Unity – Material Menu for Unity, an upgrade to the default drop-down menu

We have been working as a professional team who is specialized in creating 3D visualization software. However, in 2017, we wanted to try another thing. Material Menu is an editor extension plugin for Unity — one of the most popular game engine. It provides a more convenient way than the default menu for materials. We created this tool because the default Unity menu lacked some features. While creating an editor extension for Unity, we had been focusing on how can this tool improve the default behavior of Unity.

Although we had spent some time developing this tool, we decided to open it for free. The best part is Unity users’ reactions. More than 200 people have downloaded this plugin until now, and the overall rating is purely positive.

Although this is not an all-in-one tool, it does a few particular things accurately:
– Copy and paste properties of a material like users usually do intuitively with components in Unity Editor.
– It’s really easy to use, as it works like behavior’s copy & paste values.
– For more complicated actions, it provides options like selective paste.
– Copied settings are saved. If Unity crashed and restarted, it remembers the last copied properties

What is this: Unity Editor plugin which can enhance the default menu for materials


Platform: Unity Editor Extension

What we did: Everything

Partners: none

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