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Kids Moments – Quick Collage Video Maker

In Kids Moments,

# You will make great collage videos with minimal effort.
# This app is designed to save parents’ time.
# Your child will also have fun with the app… they might love that rainbow filter!
# Share the result on Instagram within the app.
Kids Moments - Quick Collage
Kids Moments - Quick Collage
Developer: PixelStory
Price: Free
  • Kids Moments - Quick Collage Screenshot
  • Kids Moments - Quick Collage Screenshot
  • Kids Moments - Quick Collage Screenshot
  • Kids Moments - Quick Collage Screenshot

kids moments

Our kids are always growing and learning. It’s wonderful, but they grow up too fast. So, we are desperate to capture this beautiful moment. This is the reason why we love our children’s videos so much. Time with your kids can keep your hands full, so you need a quick and efficient way to record great videos. As parents ourselves, we know exactly how you feel. This is the reason why we created Kids Moments. With just a couple of clicks, you can create an epic collage video.


Q. I don’t have iPhone. What about the Android version?

A. We really appreciate each user’s suggestion.

However, we don’t have a plan to release the Android version for the moment — we are a small team, sometimes concentrating on one platform is the best option at first. It also depends on the number of suggestions. If we are sure that it must be done, we will definitely create the Android version as well.

Q. Hey, my recorded video has a kind of lag.

A. It works great on iPhone6s or above. However, as Kids Moments have to play multiple videos at once, this could be problematic on older devices.

If you can see the frame drop on your device, please quit background apps first.

If the problem persists, please restart the Kids Moments — your recorded video is not deleted, so don’t worry.

Check the following video to restart the app

Q. I want more layouts/filters!

A. More Frames/Colors/Filters are hidden by default.

You can see all of them by double tapping them. Please note that your preferred selection will be saved — you don’t need to open the popup, most of the time.

Q. Hey this app has a potential! How can I send my suggestions and ideas?

A. Wow, thank you so much! Please feel free to leave us any ideas or feedback!

You can contact us also via:

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– E-mail(

If you prefer, face-to-face conversation, please use our video hangout scheduler